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Living and learning is a lot of what Corvallis Oregon is all about. Corvallis, which means: Heart of the Valley, sits between two distinctly beautiful mountain ranges, the Coast Range to the west, and the Cascade Mountains to the east.

Known as the central or mid-Willamette Valley, the Corvallis area offers a wonderful combination of small town rural lifestyle with productive farms and ranches, historic homes, beautiful open spaces, and accessible forestland while also being home to Oregon State University, highly respected for its intensive research focus in the areas of agriculture, engineering, and a large span of sciences. We also have a significant population of workers and retirees, not only from the university, but from important engineering firms like Hewlett Packard and CH2M Hill.

Combine this knowledge base with a love of the environment, un-matched recreational opportunities, and respect for the real world experiences of our multi-generational natives, and it’s clear why the city of Corvallis regularly wins accolades from around the nation. Appearing on ‘top city’ lists of all kinds: top 10… best of… most… you name it, the Corvallis area is a fabulous place to call home.

Here are some examples to help you learn why so many of us love to live here:


Wow! So much to choose from, all year long…

Natural Areas: Corvallis and the surrounding area has great outdoor recreation opportunities. Throughout Benton County are several walking, hiking and biking facilities; Mary’s Peak, Fitton Green, Bald Hill, McDonald Forest, are just a few.

Indoor Facilities: There are several area facilities that cater to indoor sports or work outs. One of the most popular is the Osborn Aquatic Center. Timberhill Athletic Club is a large multi-faceted facility with beautiful view homes just up the hill.

Golf: There are 4 golf courses in our small community, including the Corvallis Country Club where true advocates can purchase a gorgeous home, right on the golf course. Many of these homes come with their own golf cart garages.

Bicycling: Run your mountain bike through the forest or take a leisurely ride along the Willamette River. Like to commute by bicycle? In addition to the many bike lanes in town, there’s even a bike path that runs between Corvallis and the neighboring town of Philomath. In fact, Corvallis has earned a Gold level certification as one of the most bicycle-friendly communities in the nation! (And if you time it right, you’ll see our local uni-cyclist juggling basketballs along the path!)

Spectator Sports: No shortage of those! OSU Beaver Football, Baseball, Basketball, Gymnastics and more. And don’t miss the summer appearance of the Corvallis Knights Baseball team. Serious baseball and great family entertainment with tickets currently priced at only $5 each.

Wineries: Yes we have those too!

Coastal Access: The beautiful Oregon Coast is only about 1 hour away.


2014: 3rd Happiest Small Place in America

2014: Forbes #11 Best Small Places for Business and Careers

2014: Forbes #1 in Education

2014: 3rd Best College Town by American Institute for Economic Research

2014: 7th in the Top 10 Best Places in the Northwest by Motovo

2012: Kiplingers #2 best city for retirees

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In addition to the many contributions all these intelligent people make to our community’s sustainability,  the university regularly offers public lectures on a myriad of subjects bringing in speakers from all over the country.


2012: Sunset Magazines Top 5 Favorite Eco-Friendly Towns

Here’s what the EPA said:

The City of Corvallis, Oregon boasts a population of approximately 55,000 residents. In 2005, Corvallis became the first city on the West Coast to become a Green Power Community, purchasing a little over 17 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power. Today, Corvallis’ green power use has reached more than 100 million kWh annually and makes up approximately 15 percent of the community’s total electricity consumption.

Corvallis’ community-wide participation is the result of strong collaborative efforts between the city government, residents, businesses, and educational institutions. In 2005, by way of a City Council Resolution, the Corvallis local government chose to lead by example by purchasing seven percent green power for all city-owned facilities and urged its residents and businesses to do the same. Oregon State University is the largest single purchaser of green power in Corvallis and this is in part due to the “green energy” fee that students approved in 2007. The University purchases more than 51 million kilowatt-hours of green power annually, accounting for more than half of its overall electricity use.

And here’s an excerpt from the city’s webpage:

The City of Corvallis is encouraging sustainable design and construction in our community. The City promotes green building in two ways: (a) leading by example ; and (b) by providing resources for our community members who wish to build it green through their own initiatives. By providing green building resources for staff, the City is meeting its educational goals around green building, which grew out of the City’s sustainability efforts, and is also meeting its customer service goals by being able to provide similar resources for our customers. Currently the City is exploring both avenues to encourage sustainable building practices in our community. The City’s Sustainability Steering Committee is exploring creation of City Policies that will lessen the environmental impacts of City facilities. The City’s Fire Station # 5 is one example of how the City of Corvallis is incorporating sustainable building principles into its own facilities.

Just some of the many reasons the Corvallis area is a sweet place to be!