Welcome! Here you can learn a little bit about me.  My business philosophy. . . I have two:

Do It Right The First Time and Begin With The End In Mind.

It takes more than a smile to meet a client’s expectations. People buy or sell property for all kinds of reasons. Upgrading to make room for the new baby is very different than selling the family home when lifestyles change. Clients have so many different reasons for seeking real estate assistance I have to take the time to know what their desired end results are, what they’re trying to achieve, before I can begin to help them. Everyone’s requirements are unique. That means really listening to their wants and needs up front.

And I think continuing education is so important. For example; I love working with seniors, so it was important that I took related classes early on to be sure I was meeting their needs. In doing so I gained a better understanding of how diverse our older population is and what’s important to them. For some it’s down-sizing, for others it’s up-sizing into their dream home. And for still others it’s simply a matter of showing them how they might be able to stay in their homes longer by remodeling instead of moving. Education programs like these give me an edge in the marketplace and many offer access to tools and resources for resolving client concerns.

In the end, what I want to hear from clients is that I paid attention to the details and delivered positive results.

I truly hope we have the opportunity to work together!