I started in real estate after a long successful career in information technology project management for large companies like Nissan Motor Corporation and Visa International. What that means to you is that I have a great deal of experience in how to run a business in an efficient and professional manner, by putting solid business practice in place. Having managed very large teams on multimillion dollar projects, I also know that it’s all about the people and building strong relationships. One can understand business and meet the technical requirements of any job, but it’s the people that make it work.

Other applicable aspects of my business background include working with outside vendors (think inspectors, plumbers, contractors, lenders…) and I have extensive negotiation experience with big dollar contracts. One of the nicest compliments I’ve received from a real estate client was their description of me as “professional but friendly”.

I have a degree in Human Resource Management, am a former Board member at Grace Center for Adult Day Services, and have a current membership with the Corvallis Folklore Society who host many local concerts. In addition, I have a seat on the Benton County Planning Commission.

But what about the fun? Ocean kayaking is a big part of my personal life, though I rarely get the opportunity these days. My husband and I live on small acreage and spend whatever time we can outdoors, in the yard or enjoying the Corvallis area’s many outdoor recreation sites be they wooded or coastal.